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Fork-tailed Flycatcher Chase, Rio Grand Valley
March 30th-31st 2008

The Fork-tailed flycatcher was being seen fairly dependably in Brownsville at the Nature Conservancy site near the Sable Palm Sanctuary. So we headed down for a weekend of birding and the Flycatcher was our first stop on Saturday morning. We arrived around 7am and birded the entrance before being let into the main area where we parked. We were very early and were to meet up and join the tour group at 9:30. However, it was only 10 minutes after parking the car & walked around the back of the building, when the flycather landed on the overhead wires in front of us, along with a couple of Scissor-tailed flycatchers. It was beautiful! It was missing half of one of its tail feathers but it gave us a great show, flycatching and landing back on the wires for the whole time we were there. We took several photos and the bird was still there when we left. I wish all "lifers" could be this easy! Wonderful bird!
The rest of the weekend was spent in the local birding spots such as Sable Palm and South Padre Island as well as Frontera, Roma & Salineno higher up the valley with a total trip list of 117 species. Warblers for this trip included - Black and white, Hooded, Chat, Yellow-rumped, Black-throated green. Orange-crowned and Common Yellowthroat.

Fork-tailed flycatcher
Fork-tailed flycatcher
© C. Amos 2008
Fork-tailed flycatcher
© Rachel 2008
Fork-tailed flycatcher
© Rachel 2008
Fork-tailed flycatcher and Scissortailed flycatcher
© C. Amos 2008
Green Jays
Frontera, © Rachel 2008
Green Jay on Javelina
Frontera, RGV. © Rachel 2008

© Copyright 2023, all rights reserved.

On new board walk
Frontera, RGV. © Rachel 2008-2010

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