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Bird Misters, Drippers and Puddles!

Original puddle Welcome to the "Puddle" page! The original puddle I'm referring to began by attaching a mister to a tree branch which also allowed water to trickle down a branch, dripping off the end and forming a "puddle" on the ground below. I then surrounded this puddle with some small stones and it worked well. However, since then and to help conserve some water I placed a small plant pot saucer in its place which now acts as a tiny bird bath. The birds have taken to this new puddle just as well and it allows water to be held in it even when the mister is turned off. Timers can also be added to the faucet so you can have the mister come on at a certain time of day or for a set amount of time.
On this page I will show the setup I have used and photos showing some of the birds and wildlife attracted to it. Water attracts all sorts of birds and animals and its fun to watch them discover a new water hole!

Some of the birds and wildlife that have been attracted to this set-up -

House Sparrow, Starling, Cardinal, Blue Jay, Mockingbird, Chickadee, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Carolina Wren, Mourning Dove, White-winged dove, Inca Dove, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Eastern Screech Owl, Dark-eyed Junco, Downy Woodpecker, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Orange-crowned Warbler, Yellow Warbler, American Robin & Squirrel.

Some Sellers of Misters & Drippers -

Bird Baths Unlimited - Birdzilla bird baths.
Wild birds Forever - Bird baths and water accessories.
Duncraft Wild Bird Specialists Living with nature... since 1952.
Avian Aquatics Natures way to attract birds! Bird bath accessories.

The Setup

The mister
The Mister attachment.

.This mister head, also called a "leaf mister" is like the one pictured here and are used to attract birds and hummingbirds. Many versions can also be found at local hardware stores and be used to the same effect. This particular one can be set to mist or drip, or a combo of both. I attatch it to a tree branch so that the mist sprays over several fine branches which the birds use to sit on while bathing.

Dripping water.
I also place the nozzle in such a way that when the mist or drips come out they run down a branch. This alone birds seem to love! They will perch on the branch, sip off it, rub their belly along it and will rub against any leaves that the mister sprays. Hummingbirds especially will make use of wet leaves, as well as the fine mist, for bathing.
Water runs down & drips off the end of a branch
The water drips off into the puddle or bath below.
The original "puddle".
Directly underneath the branch which the water runs down it drips off into the "puddle". This photo shows the original clay puddle I had before I placed a small plant pot saucer in its place, which catches & holds more water.
The new puddle.
Here the plant pot saucer is in place and now seems to be just as popular with the birds as the old one. The constant dripping sound also brings birds in to investigate. I have also placed a small feeder nearby.
Plant pot saucer as a small bird bath.

Birds & other animals using the mister setup and puddle.

Carolina Chickadee in mister
Carolina Chickadee.

This Chickadee sat in front of the mister for about 20 minutes one hot day! Just sat there! Water was dripping of its tail feathers and he seemed quite content (click to enlarge).

Northern Cardinal in original puddle
Northern Cardinal in original puddle.
He seemed facinated with the drip!
Northern Cardinal.
Sitting in front of mister getting a good soaking.
Northern Cardinal in mister
Pair of Ruby-crowned Kinglets
Ruby-crowned Kinglets.
These guys were having a blast!
Ruby-throated Hummingbird.
Hummingbirds enjoy the mister. This one first rubbed up against some wet leaves. Then she flew down to the drip that came off the end of the branch she was sitting on, shown here beneath her and it looked like she was drinking from the drips. She then flew back and forth several times through the mister before settling on a branch to sort out her feathers
Ruby-throated Hummingbird sitting in mister.
Squirrel at puddle
Squirrels like it too!
Squirrels often come to the puddle to drink. I've also had an Eastern Screech Owl come down to the saucer at night and drank for a good 5 minutes.
House Sparrow.
A pair of House sparrows come down to the new puddle.
House sparrows at the puddle
Northern Mockingbird takes a bath
Northern Mockingbird.
He seems to like his new swimming pool! Its also a little larger than the original mud puddle.
Great-tailed Grackle
From small birds to big birds...
Great-tailed Grackle
white-winged doves
White-winged Doves
About 8 birds came down in total and took their turn drinking from the bath.

To be continued... :-)

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